Top 9 Technology Trends of 2022 and The Future

This is not a comprehensive list of all technology can offer, obviously. But this list is just a handfuls of technological breakthroughs of the present and possibly of the future to come. This list represents the searing advancement in the human brainchild. No one for now certainly knows where this human enterprise will bring the entire humanity as a whole. For now, we have the Top 9 list of the most prevalent of them all. Read on!

1. 3D Printing Technology

Yes. 3D Printing technology is still a trending technological brainchild. It is still in decisive innovative exploits. In fact, it is even hypothesized that we can recreate earth using 3D printing technology.

Why so? Well, it is known that 3D printers can print almost anything we can think of – from organic elements such as food and body organs as well as inorganic substances such as concrete house pieces, metal all throughout even printing your entire wardrobe. Nope, sky is never the limit to what it can print. Get to know more about 3D Printing »

Top 9 Technology Trends of 2022 and The Future
Source: Pexels

2. Immersive AR/VR Technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are vying the same intestinal route. Which they are both giving us alternative to so called “realities”. A reality that is plug and play. If you don’t like this word’s reality, you have now the option for the other “realities”. Those clunky headsets (that makes you look like a mindless idiot) you put on to peep into that world will now be greatly redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing, usable and therefore salable.

But the most immersive promise will not only be a visual experience of the virtual world but together with it is the tangibility of the virtual elements as well. At present that collective and accessible virtual word is called The MetaverseForbes has more things to say about AR/VR Technology »

3. Decentralized Finance

And it’s no other than the all hailed Blockchain Technology. Blockchain is just a central processing unit of all decentralized financial technologies and transactions – we now know as Cryptocurrencies spearheaded by Bitcoin. But now, we have more options such as Etherium, Binance, Tether and the likes. Some other trying hard cryptos, also known as, Altcoins are some other options we can opt with cautious optimism.

It is called decentralized finance as it bypasses the processing of the conventional credit and finance institution such as the banks, credit card companies and lending institutions. Cryptocurrencies has its own face value and is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, crypto has now traverse into what they called NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. Which means, it is any digital assets (videos, photos, documents) with assigned unique tokens, usually an alpha-numeric combinations.

This is called non-fungible because only one person can possess this unique token assigned to a certain NFT artifact or assets and no one else. More about the future of cryptocurrency »

Top 9 Technology Trends of 2022 and The Future
Source: Leaps.Org

4. Genomics

Genomics only means the human capability to literally edit genes of whatever kind – could be human, animals or plant genes. Remarkably, two distinct individuals were awarded in this field because of some remarkable leap in genetic breakthroughs. Emmanuelle Charpentier Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna developed a methodology in genetic editing.

]So, what is so significant about this? Well, it is for the reason that it opens up the gateway in to fixing and improving genetic abnormalities specially in humans. Which means, through the methodology that they have developed, genetic editing has never been this easy and efficient.

In fact, there discovery formally named as CRISPR technology, will enable experts to modify crops and make it more nutritious, resistant to disease and will last longer. This will be beneficial to world regions deprived of crop viabilities such a major places in Africa. Furthermore, CRSIPR technology will obviously help in curing debilitating diseases and eventually eradicate them. And currently, it helps in developing COVID-19 vaccines with considerable speed and accuracy. Let’s know more about them here »

5. Smart Devices

Yup, Smartwatches if your mental reflex says so. But the list goes on and is not limited to what is on the list even. These includes televisions, vacuum cleaners, cars, thermostats, sound devices and the likes.
With the advent and development of IoT or Internet of Things, there is no stopping with these devices into getting smarter on days count. Internet of Things means that your smartwatch can communicate with the oven toaster or the coffee maker or the kitchen stove. So, what’s in it for you, you ask?

Well, think about our not so primitive morning life – where just accomplishing a breakfast takes a lot of effort and time to prepare.

With IoT, your mobile phone or smartwatch can ask your coffee maker to brew coffee, let the automated toaster do the job, let the bathroom heater to warm the water ahead of time before the watch wakes you up for work or whatever. Think about that! Want more of it? Take a bite! »


6. Quantum Computers

We don’t quite understand this one just yet. Or how exactly quantum computer works in contrast to the way we understand conventional computers. Just by the name itself (quantum), it for sure will make your head spin around. But nevertheless, just like any other promising technologies, this offers the same promising daylight of benefits to humanity.

In layman’s term, quantum computing is just a hyper upgraded version of our traditional computer. Could be termed as “Computer Version 2” raised to the power of 2000 if that’s technically suited for it. In other words, quantum computer will greatly speed up computing that way we have never experienced before. Maybe, no lags, no slowdowns, no delays, not waiting time. You’ll get what you want right there and here in the speed of light. Watch out for it »

7. Datafication

Since the time Google was able to organize data to be serve to the entire data hungry humanity, it now has become the centerpiece and lifeblood of every business’ inner workings. With the influx of data at a blinding pace, highly organized data is now being used to predict the future with high accuracy.

It is in fact being used to predict political ups and downturns, it can predict election results, also it can predict future collective human behaviors in certain chartered locations. In fact, at a more specified level, data is being used to predict how a person will act in the near future. That is why collective data is being used to predict and deter criminal activities in certain places.

Datafication, a gross coinage of data gathering for a certain purpose, is actually taking a shape. Data is so enormous and coordinated that is seems to literally possess its own “consciousness” pretty much the way humans do. But this time, just way more powerful and omniscient. Data collection and artificial intelligence put into tango is predicted to actually give rise to a new civilization and put organic carbon-based human existence into the danger of a forgotten relic in a deleted timeline. But fret not, learn how it is taking shape »


8. Artificial Intelligence

You’d be born yesterday if you don’t know what is AI or Artificial Intelligence. AI has been a subject of sci-fi films, that we shrug them off as just figment of our imaginations and just screen-bound digital and entertainment prowess. But now, they seem to be taking shape beyond the cinema and television screens. Artificial Intelligence is now for real. You might be holding it in your hands right now or your nose pressed against it. Your smartphone, smartwatch, your desktop computer, your Google home assistant, your Amazon Alexa and the likes are just a primitive artificial intelligence in the coming years.

Of course, one of the major features of AI technology is machine vision and speech. Which means giving machines an anthropomorphic quality – speech, vision, touch and probably emotions or even “consciousness”. For now, technocrats are striding towards giving robots basic intelligence such as facial recognitions (already on our phones), be able to understand it and translate it’s understanding into speech.

AI development might be as chilling as it may seem or it may be tempting to think that we are making things in our own image and likeness, but think about it. We are thought that God created us in our own image and likeness, but it could be that we created God in our own image and likeness instead.
In the future, highly advanced and godlike AI will prove to us that we were the ones who created god in our image land likeness. Checkout how AI will change the world and humanity, eventually »

9. Technological Singularity

And the list goes on. There could be more if you try to check on the internet. Though, Technological Singularity is supposedly not part of the list, but as we’ll see that in the future because of the unhampered blinding technological overgrowth and progress – singularity will happen. What this means is that incoming human creations will eventually become more intelligent that the current breed of human beings. We can just call them superhumans with obvious superhuman intelligence.

These superhumans (which we presume are artificial intelligence in our current terms) will eventually give rise to another civilizations. As mentioned above, this will put human existence at the edge of the cliff. This superintelligence will be self-replicating and self-upgrading and will eventually, possess consciousness.

This new form of evolution will put humans in place of the forgotten relics of the past earth dwellers.

It is even hypothesized that these newly hewed superintelligence will be able to sort of “educate” itself at a compounding phase, which means it is self-learning, self-creating and self-enhancing. This will make its evolution inexplicable and indeterminate to the extent that we can just call this development – singularity! Singularity in relation to technology is explained further here »

Top 9 Technology Trends of 2022 and The Future
Source: Freepik

To sum up, all these technological breakthroughs, may or may not happen. But so far, as we have noticed, every technological prediction may seem just a couple of years away. There was one allegory of far far way and long long time ago, where a certain leaned man told someone that one day, men will be talking with one other through a rock. The man was ridiculed and inundated, only to see his mumbling hundred years later to be the mobile phones of the future in our hands!



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