Motorola Razr Flip 2020: Keep or Skip

Ever since I have my hands wet with smart phone things, Motorola Phones are one of those phones I wanted for keeps – nice design, form factors, UI, Firmware, Apps – you name it.

Now, enter the dragon!

Motorola Razr Flip 2020. It is surprisingly a flip phone with a seamless flipping vertical screen – no physical keyboard. I highly suspect that that phone is made up of highly dense metal frames since it’s kind of heavy the first time you hold it – not like the original plasticky version way back in 2004. It weighs nearly the same as 6.55-inch OnePlus 7 Pro phone.

The moment you flip the phone open, the nostalgia of the mechanism crawls back again into your spine and gives you the feeling of deja vu of the golden age of the “not-so-smart” phones.

TGI Motorola Razr Flip 2020 Flip Nostalgia

Flip phone’s horizon in the beaming twilight of candy bar phones hasn’t dimmed yet. In fact Motorola Razr is just one of the many flip phones you can actually purchase out there – this includes Samsung Galaxy FoldRoyale FlexPai and Huawei Mate X. However the design for factor of Motorola Razr differs greatly as it’s like bridging the clamshell type feel of the past phones and the Android supremacy of today.

One caveat though, despite what seems to be a “personality” that the phone possesses, at $1,499 – it doesn’t have the fastest processor and the biggest battery mileage as well camera features. Fortunately, the phone flips, one thing that gives it some sort of “character”. That character somehow gives it a dichotomy from the solid mid-tier phones.

TGI Motorola Razr Flip 2020 Flip Squake on flip

Squeak On Flip

Yes. It does. Considerably concerning.

Flip or clamshell type phones, though lovely to behold, are intuitively regarded as having this mechanical gray area brought about by the hinge responsible for it’s flipping mechanism. Add to that the newly introduced Flexible OLED Module which has certain technical anonymity this early.

Notice that in earlier versions of the flip phones, more in particular Motorola Razr, there is not much ado as to some sort of mechanical issue to its folding mechanism as the only internal parts laid across are the circuit strips to and from the display to the IC Board.

Earlier version of Motorola Razr. Released in 2008.

This new version, Motorola Razr 2020, has some sort of squeaking sound – not quite sure if it is due to the friction of the panel against something that holds it or the module itself. Either way, it’s kind of disconcerting if this sound is intended or it would lead to its eventual mechanical failure. But Motorola insider quoted that those little squeaking are natural due to corollary parts involved in the folding mechanism.

How bad does it sound. Not really that bad unless you are not used to using clamshell phones such as this. But as always, any moving parts in any device, such as a phone, could it be the camera, display or keypad is a concern worth your second thought.

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