Wisemom Breast Pump Set

Unboxing: Wisemom Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

Wisemom offers an affordable and convenient breast pumping machine for mothers who are finding it hard in shedding that precious lactic nutrition for their newborn. In contrast with a manual pump we have grown up with where it has limited functionality, the electric breast pump of you kids generation features more upbeat functions to give mom more feeding mileage to their young.

You can count on its 200 minutes pumping time more or less. It can even be plugged-in into a powerbank just like you do with a cellphone to perk up it’s power again. So, mobility is not much of an issue with this pumping machine. Of course, it comes medical grade and BPA-free materials after all its for softies that needs utmost care – your beloved first born.  

What's In It For You?

Wisemom Breast Pump Features
Rechargeable Up to 200 minutes pumping times
Can be plugged to power bank
Strong suction strength (up to 300 mmhg)
LED screen and touch screen controls
4 Suction Modes: Letdown, Expression, Quick, Rhythm
Adjustable suction modes up to 9 levels
BPA-free material
Includes silicon massager
Closed system with backflow preventor
Small and lightweight pump motor
Super quite
Memory function
Can be used up to 12 time or 6 hours total pumping time per day
Dual Voltage (110V-220V)
1 Year warranty

Function Chart

Wisemom Breast Function Flowchart

Function Modes

Massage Mode – Massages and stimulates breasts. Adjustable up to 6 levels.

Quick Mode – Quick and shallow suction speed. Adjustable up to 6 levels.

Rhythm Mode – Different suction speeds. Adjustable up to 9 levels.

Expression Mode – Longer and stronger suction. Adjustable up to 9 levels.

What's In The Box?

2 Flange Cover 2 Silicon Massager
2 Flange 2 Backflow preventor cover
2 Backflow Preventor Diaphragm 4 Valve
2 Bottle 1 Pump Body
2 Bottle Stand 1 Tubing
2 Locking Ring 2 Locking Disc
2 Bottle Cover 1 User Manual

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