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Unboxing: Windows 98 Old And Original Expansion Package

Windows 98 is a consecutive Operating System release by Microsoft for Personal Computing. It’s the major sophomore release in the Windows 9x line of operating system and the successor of Windows 95.  It was released commercially 25th of June 1998.

As we know, that Windows 98 is MS-DOS based during installation. It has 16-bit and 32-bit variance for different computing efficiency.

Windows 98 is king when Floppy Disk Drive, a 3.5 inch disk with magnetic strip inside, is a hype merely because of its size and also because of its increase capacity – a whooping 1.44 Megabytes!

Now, I happened to hold one of it’s original packaging – the hefty expansion package that came from nowhere. Few more years this might got be a collector’s item. You bet!

Come let’s check this out!

Windows 98 Head Image

Microsoft finally announced what the world has known for over a month now: Windows 98 will be available in stores on June 25th for a suggested retail price of $109 ($209 for the full version). Most stores will likely sell the new operating system for $89, the same price as Windows 95. 

Windows 98, currently in the “release candidate” stage, is feature-complete and Microsoft is racing to squash last minute bugs before the product is released to manufacturing. Sometime in mid-May, Microsoft will supply the code for Windows 98 to hardware manufacturers so that they can start building systems that include the new software. (IT Pro Today)


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