Top Ten Technological Breakthroughs Of 2018

Technology as we know it, is constantly evolving forward, or if it is really bringing us forward – either to a cliff of destruction or to the glorious mountain of a promising daylight fostered by technology.

This 2018 we have handfuls of newly brewed or highly evolving technological advances pre-thought for the benefit of mankind.

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1. Dueling Neural Networks

This technology will further reinforce Artificial Intelligence with human-like imaginative functionality. It will enable AI to create ultra realistic images and sounds it has never seen before.  Nevertheless, men of science draws their concern as this might exude bad effects due to its capability in tricking and faking reality.

Some advocates includes Google with their Google Brain, Britain’s  Deep Mind and nVidia.


2. Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

Companies like AmazonGoogleIBM and Microsoft are vying their way towards further and cheaper commercial accessibility of AI. This is done for the benefit and profit of companies that are interested and transitioning to AI-based operation and services. Though this might put human manpower in the waters, we must be at the cautiously optimistic side of technology.


3. Smart Cities

From the word itself, the city that thinks. Alphabet, a Google mother company is installing intelligent analytics in some cities to rethink and assess on how an ideal city should be built and lived. With this, cheaper, healthier, safer and sustainable cities will always be the crux of the genius.


4. Stem Cell Based Embryos

No need for sperm or egg cell, just a preliminary cell or stem cell will do in creating embryo-like structure necessary or tantamount into coming up with fully functional human being. This of course raise brows with some ethical and moral advocates.


5. 3D Metal Printing

3D printing using plastic variant as substrate is king due to its availability, malleability and cheaper value. Nevertheless, metal variant is taking its best foot forward in 3D Printing.

What’s in it for us, you ask?

Imagine printing a similar custom part of your car when parts has already traversed its half-life or end-of-life right at the comfort of your house or at a shop nearby instead of storming the factory for your part. Besides, it’s being a “print-on-demand” feature it can print complex metal contours to fit replaceable parts and can even enable you to choose the quality of metal you want to print.

Advocates includes Markforged, which manufactures 3D metal printing machine. Another is Desktop Metal, which introduces 3D Metal Prototyping machines. Star Rapid, is in 3D metal printing services and more.


6. Real-Time Language Translation Device

Google came up with a language translator earpiece – the Pixel Buds. Though, right when this writing is being made, there could be handfuls of translator apps out there that can be use without an earphone, just the native mobile phone speaker. Nevertheless, the earphone might just be of great help in converting and relaying clarity of the speaker.

The person to be translated will be the one to ware the earpiece and the one at the other end holding the mobile phone will be receiving the translation in real-time – and English as the default language.


7. Natural Gas with Zero Carbon

We think that fossil fuel has no way to go but to carbonize the ecosystem of men through it’s highly toxic and seemingly non-renewable carbon emissions. But take it from Net Power, a power plant just outside Houston Texas, is coming up with a cleaner by-product of natural gas with zero carbon footprint.

The carbon dioxide will be subjected to a very high temperature and pressure processes resulting in a supercritical CO2 as the working byproduct which can be extracted and used cheaply.


8. Zero-Knowledge Proof

Zero knowledge Proof is particularly beneficent with online transaction and personal verification system. This works to verify your identity without divulging your age or your bank accounts. Courtesy of the now famous cryptocurrency technological hype. This system uses crypto security algorithm to do online transaction. This is in cohorts more in particular the ZCash – digital currency launched in 2016. The zk-SNARK (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) system gives user to transact with considerable level of anonymity. Unlike Bitcoin and Etherium  that make other transactions visible, ZCash just do the opposite.

9. Foretelling the Future with Genetics

Science can now predict or at least hold a high probability of your future well-being and emotional composure by  studying your genetic make-up. This genetic breakthrough can now tell you with higher probability what physical trouble (e.g. cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s etc..) will you be in the future and what character or attitude you will develop at certain age.

According to their millions of studies, your genes are consistent with what you’re overall composure will be at the certain point in you life. But the studies have to be built on stones. They still have to objectively establish the fundamental scientific surety everyone can count on.


10. Qubits

Our well-known and normal computers today use what is known as binary bits the 0s and 1s to represent an on and of of data. However, little did we know that there is more to computing than meets the regular end-users – the Qubits! This stands for Quantum Bits. Quantum bits don’t turn of the data by showing 0, or data truancy by showing 1. Instead it shows both binary at the same time. So, two qubits can represent two numbers, tree qubits for eight numbers and so on.

Quantum computing also takes data by storing it in sub-molecular level duly modeled for computing purposes. This will, in simple term, makes today’s powerful computers an abacus of tomorrow. Quantum computers are still at its best potential and still rudimentary for now as it do certain tasks as accorded accordingly. But, you bet as technology continue to move forward at blinding pace, quantum computing will be the new age of disruptive computing technology.

So, there goes the top ten promising technology of today and the coming future. We’d better be at the receiving end of the technological spectrum and be the wide-eyed wanderer of it’s spectacular fireworks.




BitcoinLitecoinEtheriumRipple – you name it, collectively known as Cryptocurrency is now hot and sizzling in the economic cauldron. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized medium of exchange pretty much like the currently medium of exchange that we have represented by notes, paper bills and coins. It is decentralized because its existence and distribution and value don’t depend on any financial and credit institutions such as the bank and the government but on a cloud server – yes could server, pretty much like the server that Google and Apple have.

Unlike common currency that every credit happening is mediated by a bank or credit institution – cryptocurrency eliminate the “third person” which is the bank or credit company. Transactions using crypto happens directly between sellers and buyers.

Learn more about Cryptocurrency, more in particular Ethereum – one of the largest Cryptocurrency in the world. It is clearly elaborated at

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