Top 14 Tech Terms You Are Lost In Translation

For as long as you were not born yesterday and have your hands wet with the latest technology, you might have been getting tabs into some technically sleazy words out there on or before using your technological handpiece. Nevertheless, you don’t mind. Who cares if you can just flip the switch that easy and get hot into your Wi-fi connection in seconds, after all you are not a Noob in doing such a thing on a daily basis?

But do you really know where they came from and how interesting their story was before you’ve been using those tech word tidbits? I have compiled 14 commonly used tech words in our high-tech walk of life. Know the interesting stories behind those words.

1. Selfie


Well, who doesn’t know about the word “Selfie” and who hasn’t done it at all? There are lots of conjecture about the word – about its origin as well as who first let loose the word into the techno world.

There is even a claim that a certain Australian student coined the word. Some say that the word selfie is enculturated in Japan’s Kawaii culture.

But hey, selfie as a word may have its very early origin in some localities, but the practice itself has already existed since immemorial. We call it “Self-Portrait”, “Self-Photography” since 1800. It means taking photography all by yourself. But now, it has a more upbeat derivative by the term “Selfie” by using a digital camera, webcam or cellphone camera.

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2. Deepfake


Deepfake is a pretty new term and technology in the field of visual algorithms. Deep for “deep learning” which means a combination of astute algorithm and Fake for “fake” or fake video footage on top of the real one or whichever comes first. In other words, it is a video forgery. It usually targets facial replacements where the real subject speaks while his face is replaced with someone else.

Allegedly, it deepfake originated from a user of Reddit with handle “deepfakes” who posted fake celebrity porn videos on a social networking site in 2017. In return, Reddit banned this so called “involuntary pornography”. Other states followed as well by having it as illegal.

3. Wi-Fi

Top Gadget Info WiFi

Needless to say, who else doesn’t know about Wi-Fi, more so haven’t used it? They say Wi-fi is the fusion of two words “Wireless Fidelity”. At least that is what we know nominally. But consumer-grade Wi-fi was commercialized in 1997 which refers to a certain signal that unites and connects devices such as computers, phones, tablets and TVs to the internet.

As significant its utility, the name however doesn’t really correspond to it. According to the Wi-fi Alliance, the word Wireless Fidelity or “Wi-fi” is actually meaningless. It is just a good fusion of words that sounds good.

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4. Firewall


You admit that you often hear the word Firewall in real estate related jargons. But, do you know that the word traversed into cyberspace?

As a firewall is a physical concrete used to protect your house from the fire spreading throughout the building, a Firewall in cyberspace is a computer code used to protect you from outside intrusion from hackers – phishing, trojans, worms etc.…

Here is how you will be able to Configure Firewall on Windows 10 »

5. Meme


Meme is another term that has hit social media lately. It is a snapshot or screenshot of a photo or video with quick texts distributed top and bottom. It is more commonly used to prick jokes to a post or a post itself.

The first meme was said to have been originated by Richard Dawkins when it was coined in his book in 1976 “The Selfish Gene” borrowing the Greek term “mimeme” which means “imitated thing.”

Here are some dose of Memes for you »

6. Blog


Blog came from the word “Web Log” on the internet. It’s no different than having a log in your physical journal – this time it’s on the internet. Topic differs, but most often it depends on every blogger’s interests. Sometimes blogs differ from personal, professional and even corporate type logs. Today’s may focus on certain topics such as travel, culinary, design and monetize it through affiliate marketing, advertising and selling products.

The very first blog ever written according to common consensus is a blog written by a student at Swarthmore College in 1994 with domain name And guess what, the blog still looks like it is after more than 20 years of its existence. Here, check out his website. By the way, he created his “blog” in 1994 way before the word blog was created in 1997.

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7. Noob

Top Gadget Info Noob

This term is usually used in gaming slur talks for entry-level gamers, a newbie in other words. It is however a condescending term for an inexperienced technological neophyte. Noob could be the fusion of “newb” plus “n00b” – two zeros in there. Don’t know why is that so.

What it is: Noob is a condescending term for a beginner gamer or technological neophyte, aka a newbie. Alternative spellings include newb and n00b (with zeros).

It was in 1850’s since the word newbie was used, which would mean “somebody new” or inexperienced yet. It was only in 2000 that the shortened and slurred noob term came into use for online gaming.

Here is one example of how one player of Minecraft differentiates Noob from Pro players »

8. Hashtag

Top Gadget Info Hashtag

You have known Hashtag recently as used to draw attention, to organize, and to promote certain events, posts, pages etc… in the Social Media Platform. Hashtag (#) is also known as Number Sign, Pound, Sharp and SH Bang in programming and maybe many more. In the social media, specially Twitter one of its creator Chris Messina popularized # Hashtag as a way of tagging or cataloging topics on Twitter. He got his inspiration in the early days of computer in 1988 to highlight entries with special meaning in a chat relay.

But do you know that this crisscrossing parallel symbol has a long running history of its own. Since 1800, it is commonly known and used as Number Sign. Sir Isaac Newton used his own pound sign ( “℔” ) which later evolved toward “#”. Just don’t know if his symbol originated it.

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