Top 14 Tech Terms You Are Lost In Translation

For as long as you were not born yesterday and have your hands wet with the latest technology, you might have been getting tabs into some technically sleazy words out there on or before using your technological handpiece. Nevertheless, you don’t mind. Who cares if you can just flip the switch that easy and get hot into your Wi-fi connection in seconds, after all you are not a Noob in doing such a thing on a daily basis?

But do you really know where they came from and how interesting their story was before you’ve been using those tech word tidbits? I have compiled 14 commonly used tech words in our high-tech walk of life. Know the interesting stories behind those words.

9. Cloud Hosting and Computing


Cloud Hosting is no different than the traditional hosting we all knew. But as technology evolved, hosting (more in particular web hosting) takes a better and upbeat shape – it turns out to be Cloud Hosting. Now let me tell you, if you enjoyed faster internet surfing and load time of your favorite site, for one it could be because of your competent ISP and second, because of your highly organized hosting.

So, there are two hosting fashion now. Shared and Cloud hosting. Shared is traditional, whereby your website or data is stored in a single physical server. Cloud hosting stores your data in a very dynamic server which can easily adjust to the needs of your website or data.

Furthermore, cloud hosting has way more features than the classic. Cloud storages enables clients to have access to embedded apps such as Word Processing like Word, Spreadsheet, Powerpoint, and other publishing tools. You might want to check out Dropbox and Google Drive as an example. This only means, Cloud is not only capable of hosting but computing as well.

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10. Cookies

Top Gadget Info Cookies

Cookies are more commonly known in web browsing. That persistent Popup that asks you to accept or reject “Cookie.”

What is that thing anyway?

Well Cookie is a packet of data that is supposed to be temporarily stored in a computing device’s memory to be used for later purpose. Although there is a whip of security issues about cookies, it is helpful in remembering your personal preference with your browser.

Cookies was coined by computer programmer Lou Montulli in 1994. He derived the name from the “Magic Cookie” which is one of the elements of computer programming that time, more in particular Unix Programmers.

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11. Hosting And Domain

Top Gadget Info Domain Hosting

It is almost that Hosting and Domain goes together in setting up a website, and it should be. In fact, those were almost the two essential elements that you have to work out with before starting on putting up a website.

Hosting and Domain is no different to a house and its corresponding address. Hosting is to a house while Domain is to address. Hosting, which is located in a server holds all the data and media files of your website – pictures, videos, texts, apps and downloadable. While Domain contains the address to the hosting where your files are located. Example of a domain is That domain name will and should always be unique and should have no active duplicates anywhere in the world. Just like any real estate address.

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12. IP Address

Top Gadget Info IP Address

Internet Protocol Address or IP Address is a unique number of a website. IP Address is the numerical counterpart of Domain name. However, domain name has been instituted instead of IP Address since domain name is much easier to memorize than IP Address.

There are two kinds of IP Address, Static and Dynamic. Static doesn’t change while dynamic changes every time a user connects to the internet. Reason for dynamic IP address is the overwhelming numbers of simultaneous users resulting in the shortage of IP Addresses.

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13. Server


We always hear about the word server whenever something related to networking or the internet is being discussed. A server physically is an array of storage devices and other related elements that literally “serves.” When a user requests an information using a web browser and hits enter that request is sent to the hosting site where the information is stored and the server “serves” the information back. It’s like serving the information on a silver platter since the user doesn’t have to labor to search for information just like we all did when the internet was not even an idea yet.

The very first commercially available hosting company with physical servers in them is said to be GeoCities in 1994 which was also acquired by Yahoo for their own consumption.

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14. Internet Of Things (IoT)


The Internet Of things is even newer in the plane of technological revolution, but you noticed that you will seldom hear the word or abbreviated as IoT.

IoT is the capability of technological devices to communicate with each other with or without human intervention. In fact, IoT doesn’t need much human intervention since they are preprogrammed to work on their own.

One concrete example is that, when it’s 6:30am in the morning you phone or your clock or whichever in charge will activate the coffee maker to brew coffee for you. A couple of hours later your car will auto-pilot itself on your main door and a lot more. And while from the office, you can program your mobile phone to command your toaster or whatever machine it is to prepare dinner for you.

Kevin Ashton is said to have coined IoT in 1999 during his corporate days at Procter and Gamble. He used the electromagnetic technology called RFID as a jump point into his concept. Only after 10 years that Internet Of Things got widespread acceptance and optimism.

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Alright, there goes the Top 14. But there could even more, and even be more by the coming days of our technological revolution.



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