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Top 10 Tech Buying Recommendations of 2020

Here are Top 10 of the highly recommended consumer tech products that have been under the rigorous critiquing of CNET electronic testing services. CNET is the top technology review and news spot for everything about technology – cars, deals, news, reviews, tips and tricks.

Furthermore, we do at TGI that these gadgetries will add value to your daily walks of life – could you be a collector, raving fan, hobbyist, explorer, a technocrat or just simply trying hard to get where you are. 

Once caveat though, these reviews and recommendations are not foolproof, you due diligence coupled with your indomitable personal preference will determine if these worldly creations is right for you. After all, all these are made to serve men –  not men to serve them.   

Dig in!

1 Apple MacBook Air 2020

Take a 2019 13-inch MacBook Air. Presently take the brand-new 2020 adaptation. Put them against each other and try to tell the difference. You might be very hard-pressed to tell one from the other. Until, that’s , you open both covers. It’s a unpretentious thing, but in the event that you see closely there’s a modern look and feel to the keyboard. The flat, island-style console is somewhat raised on the modern model versus the more seasoned one. Learn More…

2 Netflix

Netflix could cost like $9 and $16 per month all depending on your subscription plans. Now, obviously, the pricier the package the more perks you will be able to do with it. You will be able to stream 4 screens at a time and create different parallel users in it. So, you get the logic, watching movies with peers is not only fun but financially collegial too – you can split-up bills between account sharers with you. More bang for the buck, right? Learn More…

3 Lenovo Yoga C940-14IIL

Lenovo Yoga C940-14IIL

I don’t know if this is something new to everyone, but lift up the lid of this computing piece and it instantly wakes up. Secondly, fingerprint reader just expedites the opening of the unit to its working desktop proper. Note that the Wifi connects just as fast the moment you open the unit. Connects as fast as your phone? I don’t know just – Learn more…

4 Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Sennheiser Momentum feature image

We get used to wireless head sound piece with the “excess” protruding out from your ears – like a sort of dispenser for your earwax. The Sennheiser Momentum feels like an earplug with highly innovative design and uncompromised sound performance. Learn More…

5 YouTube TV

YouTube TV

I don’t even know that YouTube has TV streaming service that competes with Hulu, AT&T TV and Fubo TV, and they say it’s better than all three. I don’t know, you better qualify it. For now, it is just available in the US. At $50 you’ll have all what YouTube TV says it is. But the big but, is that YouTube TV costs a lot more than Sling TV. But for individuals who are used to using diversified channels and easy DVR, the subscription is worth it. Learn more…

6 Corsair One Pro i200 Desktop

Corsair One Pro i200 Desktop

Just the design in itself looks like a little more time have been spent with this tiny computing beast. Well, it might not be the faster PC around, but the sheer size will fit like 5 units in a standard PC Rig. The system is already rigged-up to perform at par with taxing multimedia and gaming duty it is intended for. That is why Corsair One Pro i200 Desktop won the CNET Editor’s Choice Award for sensible buys this 2020. But my one caveat is its heat dispersion – heat is one major problem with miniaturized PC models. Learn More…



This TV from LG has all the high-contrast OLED nirvana making non-OLEDs like underdogs. Although, LG OLEDB9PUA TV and C9 OLEDs don’t have much dichotomy when it comes to their display supremacy. But recommendations from reputed testers is still the B9 despite non-remarkable differences between the two models. Reasons maybe – bang for the buck. Learn More…

8 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader

I don’t know if there will be a time where you will get any comfortable reading book on an electronic device, such as an iPad, Mobile Phone or even a highly targeted reader tech piece such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It is a book reader where instead of flipping a book, you’ll read it on a specialized electronic tablet with screen contrast that really looks like and feels like the real book surface. What is more is that it can upload and store as many full-length books as you can without the bulk and the weight of a typical paperback. I don’t know, just… Learn More…

9 GoPro Hero 8 Outdoor Camera

GoPro Hero 8 Outdoor Camera

Even if you might admit that you are not a typical outdoor guy, having a GoPro Hero 8 really makes more sense in capturing fleeting moments in your life. We all know that GoPro is a highly extroverted piece of human invention intended for outdoor souls who can’t stay put in any moment.

So, what is something to covet for this new GoPro Hero 8? Well, if you are an avid user of this hefty visual recorder, you’ll notice some design changes and mechanical tweaks in it. Better camera, better grip and ergonomic. Learn More…

10 HP Spectre x360 13 Laptop

HP Spectre x360 13 Laptop

When it comes to laptop design and even performance, I always have HP in mind as a front liner. If you notice with their new technological offering, the HP Spectre x360, they almost have eliminated those thick bezels and came out with the sexier ones – giving more screen real estate. Notice also those keyboards lay-out, they’re so robust and soft-edged giving it a more professional, clean and respectable feel. Of course, I won’t forget their cleaner and more straightforward design pretty much deeming equality with that of the Apple MacBook design. I noticed one, somewhere somehow in their laptop array, I’ve got to check it out. Learn More…

Here you go, Top 10 of the most approved consumer goods you can buy and backed by reviews and empirical hands-on testing by the CNET professional product testers and reviewers.

But there is even more if you want to go learn a mile more.


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