Unboxing: TP-Link Bluetooth UB500 5.0 Dongle


TP-Link Bluetooth 5 or UB500 is a more advanced Bluetooth device equip with new frequency range. Which means it runs faster connection, farther range and has faster transfer rate when transferring data from and to another device. In contrast to its predecessors, say Bluetooth 4.0, this version ensures uninterrupted connectivity between your PC and other […]

Unboxing: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3


Sennheiser has unloaded the tripartite in-ear offering – the Momentum True Wireless 3. So, far the youngest of the lineage of the flagship in-ear Sennheiser products. Enjoy the high-fidelity sound reinforced by their TrueResponse and aptXTM Adaptive codec technology. These enables you to hear every detail of the sound muffled in some other audio devices. […]

Unboxing: Logitech Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse


Another breed of elite gaming mouse that bolster quality and posterity just by the looks and feel of it. It has dedicated ergonomic design for hand grip, intended for intense gaming mode. Studded with rubber grips for maximum usage traction. Nestled with the heart of the mouse is a Fusion Engine that enables it to traverse 500 IPS (inch per second).

Unboxing: Nutribullet Pro 900


Nutribullet Pro 900 means 900-watt motor power or speed, whichever comes first. It is your personal and handy blender. Yes, it is still a blender just like any other regular blender out in the market. Only this time, it comes in compact size. And of course, the most noticeable feature is convenience.

Unboxing: Ilano TickTime Timer


Ilano Ticktime timer is a new level timing module that helps you sort-out things and mindlessly purging your daily precious time to nothing. Therefore, allowing you to achieve higher quality of life output. Ilano TickTime allows you to focus on things that really matters – office tasks, workouts, kitchen workouts, entertainments and the likes. It has common sensical timing presets so you wont waste anymore time rocking-up dedicated time presets. Check it out!

Unboxing: My Star Extra Glucometer


MyStar Extra is the first blood glucose meter that provides an estimated A1c value, a key indicator for long-term blood glucose control, at any time. In addition, MyStar Extra provides further blood glucose information on fasting plasma glucose (FPG) trends, as well as a three day FPG average – an important parameter for insulin titration. The device is designed to support you in your insulin therapy management, allowing you to track your insulin therapy progress and better engage with your treatment plan.

Unboxing: Panasonic Micro-foaming Cleansing Device

TGI Panasonic Facial Cleanser Gallery 4

From removing make up to deep cleansing with foam and brush, three kinds of skin care with one unit. Warm head mixes make up remover with make up for easy removal. The micro-sized foam and a brush with very fine bristles thoroughly remove dirt from pores. Foam Cleansing Generates micro-sized foam to clean gently but deeply inside the pores.

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