How to Block Windows App from Connecting to the Internet


In today’s digitally connected world, controlling which applications on your Windows system can access the internet has become increasingly important. Whether you want to pause app updates, block intrusive ads, prevent unintentional purchases, or simply enhance your privacy, knowing how to effectively block Windows apps from connecting to the internet can be a valuable skill. […]

Top 15 Less Used and Known iPhone Tips and Tricks


Believe it or not, you have your iPhone in the palm or your hands since time immemorial without knowing you might haven’t explored yet one of these tricks that might even make your high-tech life more fun and worth living for 🙂 So, here are handfuls of them, Top 15 in fact to make your […]

Pair AirPods with your PC


AirPods are obviously paired with Apple devices, more in particular iPhones. Now, you wonder if you can as well with PCs. And the answer is – yes! How impossible can it be? And how good can it be for a tangle-free life? Note however that it only took like 3 seconds for your AirPods to connect to your iPhone, but connecting it to a PC takes a few more steps and not more than a minute.

Motorola Razr Flip 2020: Keep or Skip


Ever since I have my hands wet with smart phone things, Motorola Phones are one of those phones I wanted for keeps – nice design, form factors, UI, Firmware, Apps – you name it. Now, enter the dragon!

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