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Sony NW-ZX100 Series Walkman Player

If our ears can take in some great music compose of High-Resolution standards, then the audio device that we’ve chosen to employ must’ve been built with utmost quality and precision. As in the case of SONY’s NW-ZX100 Series Walkman Player, the merrymaking of perceiving High-Res Audio will just come out naturally.

Solely intended to deliver paramount sounds in any given occasion, one can be assured that the NW-ZX100 Series has been crafted with only the best components. Each and ever piece in this music player has been carefully and meticulously selected before it was installed in the player’s circuit board. Wise enough on SONY’s end, they devised their own first-rate solder in order to greatly secure the circuit board from unnecessary noise and all kinds of distortion triggered by external vibrations. In effect, sound are smoothly heard as electromagnetic interference is reduced. Having this result would also mean decrease energy loss and enhanced system efficiency.

Sony NW-ZX100 Walkman 1

Still living to the epitome of High-Resolution Audio, SONY integrated the NW-ZX100 Series with a highly advanced audio technology so users can further experience a supreme quality of sounds just as they deserve. SONY’s exclusive digital sound enhancement engine, DSEE HX Technology, supplies high-quality audio by means of reestablishing the subtleties of the original recording that vanish during the compression phase. As result, all recordings from both MP3 and CD are improve after the sound have been recreated in different frequencies. Hence, users get to enjoy studio-grade sounds from every track.

And since the NW-ZX100 Series’ boasts a huge storage capacity, keeping numerous files in this music player shouldn’t come as a hindrance. With 128GB on hand, audiophiles can save as many High-Resolution audio files as wish. As for the variety of files types, users need to be restricted in coming up with their ideal playlist since the NW-ZX100 Series can support an assortment of compressed and uncompressed file types. Take into account too the NW-ZX100’s impressive batter lie, audiophiles get to greatly benefit from an extended playtime of up to 70 hours for MP3 and up to 45 hours for Hi-Res Audio. (PC Buyer’s Guide. January-March 2017. Volume 13. Issue 4. Page 12)

Sony NW-ZX100 Walkman 2

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In pursuit of perfection. The NW-ZX100 series High-Resolution Audio Walkman® is meticulously engineered with premium components, refined aluminum body, and Noise Cancelling technology, so you can just focus on the music.

Nothing but the music. Focus on the music with exclusive Noise Canceling headphones. Immerse yourself deeper in the sound, thanks to the NW-ZX100 series’ exclusive bundled headphones. Noise Canceling mutes distractions from the world outside, so it’s just you and your music.

Sony NW-ZX100 Walkman 3

Precision engineered for superior sound. A host of premium components have been specially selected for use in our circuit boards, to deliver the best portable audio experience.

High rigidity.  A high-rigidity frame keeps the circuit boards secure, preventing unwanted noise, and distortion caused by external shifts or vibrations.

Sony NW-ZX100 Circuit Board

High quality solder for a purer signal.  We developed our own high-quality solder for reduced noise, which has improved sound resolution across the entire frequency range. Low dielectric board for smoother audio.  The low dielectric board insulates the circuit board, minimizing electromagnetic interference for smoother sound. It also reduces energy loss, improving overall system efficiency.

Your music on the go never sounded so good. The NW-ZX100 series has a powerful combination of high-end audio technologies – for detailed, lossless playback for all your music, whether through headphones or speakers.

Sony NW-ZX100 Walkman on hand

For more info kindly visit Sony NW-ZX100 Walkman Player.

PRICEPHP 52,000.00 ± (as of August 2018)
AVAILABILITYAll selected/authorized gadget retailing outlets nationwide (Philippines).


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