Pair AirPods with your PC

AirPods are obviously paired with Apple devices, more in particular iPhones. Now, you wonder if you can as well with PCs. And the answer is – yes!

How impossible can it be? And how good can it be for a tangle-free life?

Note however that it only took like 3 seconds for your AirPods to connect to your iPhone, but connecting it to a PC takes a few more steps and not more than a minute.

Here are quick tips on how you can do that.

Take note, however that pairing is only possible with Bluetooth enabled and built-in devices. This isn’t a conscious effort for modern released PCs and Laptops. Almost all laptops are fitted with Bluetooth transceiver. While you have to check your PCs motherboards, as some MoBos customarily don’t have Bluetooth fitted in them.

1On your PC, launch Settings Application by pressing Window Key and typing the word Settings.


2Click Devices from the Menu.


3Click Add Bluetooth & other device.


4Click Bluetooth.


At this point, you need to put your iPod on their respective case and turn on the lid. You need to Press and Hold the button at the back of the case until you see the lid between your AirPods blink white, then let go.

5AirPods On.


6Your AirPod will show up in the Add Device window - Click to Pair and Connect.

Top Gadget Info Pair AirPods PC Connected

You will now be able to use your AirPod for audio purposes in your PC. As for calling features there is no clear support and troubleshoot as of this moment. But if you insest, you can check out this link.

After you have disengaged, you can reconnect to your PC by going to Settings ➣ Devices ➣ Audio. You will find your device already listed.

For more info, visit: Apple AirPods



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