Nanoe Technology: Panasonic Air-Conditioning Breakthrough 2020

We might all know that we can live for a couple of days and up to a week without water or up to a month without food. That’s what we have been told of how relative and dependent human lives to these elements.

But lesser did we know that you won’t make it to a couple of minutes or 5 minutes at most without air or much more clean air. If absence of food and water is critical for days, how do you like to grapple for your life in a minute without air?

In fact your quality of life, more in particular physical life, is only as good as the quality of air you breathe.

Put it in particular, clean air oozes out Negative Ions. Negative ions are abundant in nature – it could be on waterfalls, forest, non-industrialized greenery, ocean breeze and after some natural events such as after a storm.

Panasonic Nanoe Technology Nature 2

Negative ions in clean air and the environment are studied when it reaches the bloodstream, it produces biochemical reactions that increase levels of good mood inducing chemicals called serotonin. Thus, helping in alleviating stress, depression, anxiety and boost your energy.

That is just one thing about clean air, there could be more.

Unfortunately, clean air and environment seems to be a far cry from what we’ve wished for if you are living in an urbanized part of the world. Urbanized places like cities are known for its industrial pollution – which contrary to negative ions, releases positive ions – and there is nothing positive about it. Positive Ions simply do the opposite of what negative ions do.

So, thinking of going outdoors for the countryside? Sure do. Nothing compares to it.

However, fortunately enough, our industry has made ways to bring nature’s breath of good air right into our doorsteps.

Introducing Panasonic’s Nanoe Technology!

Nanoe Technology

The new Panasonic Air Conditioner with Nanoe™ Technology features an independent air purification function that can address various types of pollutants in the air as well as on surfaces especially fabrics.

Nanoe is nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles that are rich in OH radicals. Oxygen and Hydrogen tandem encapsulated inside water molecules that serves as Trojan Horse for air contaminants. Nanoe has two subsidiary elements that do specified task in purifying ambient air condition – the Nanoe-X and the Nanoe-G.

Nanoe-X™ Technology

Nanoe-X is a component of Nanoe™ Technology that has 10x more OH Radical. Nanoe-X is responsible for the inhibition of bacterias, viruses, allergens and acts extra in deodorizing the air. Nanoe-X despersis 4.8 Trillion OH Radicals per second.

The latest Nanoe™ X device uses a “multi-leader discharge” system that focuses the discharge to 4 needle-shaped electrodes, greatly expanding the OH radicals generating area to produce 10x times more OH radicals, and thus significantly enhances its performance.

Learn more about Nanoe-X™ Technology »

Nanoe-G™ Technology

Nanoe-G is a component that is responsible for ionizing ambient air condition. Nanoe-G releases negative ions to capture airborne particles in the air. Releases 3 trillion negative ions to remove airborne dust particles as small as PM2.5 and adhesive bacteria and viruses.

Nanoe-G generators produce 3 trillion negative ions from the atomised electrode. Then, natural ion wind spreads the negative ions that are released from the Nanoe-G™ generator to attach to airborne dust particles.

Learn more about Nanoe-G™ Technology »

Dust Sensor

Panasonic Nanoe Technology Dust Sensor Technology

One of the modern features of Panasonic Air Conditioning with Nanoe Technology it it’s dust sensing capability. Dusts might bring with them allergens, bacteria, viruses and other air contaminants. The dust sensor technology constantly monitors air quality and automatically activates Nanoe™ Technology when a high level of dust particle concentration is detected.

Skin and Hair Moisturizing Technology

Air conditioning units are notoriously known for its skin and hair dehydrating after effects. Now, with Nonoe-X™ technology water particles help to achieve proper moisture balance, resulting in smooth, hydrated skin and hair.

Nanoe-X™ combines with natural sebum to coat the skin stopping moisture evaporation. While Corneum in the skin is maintained and smoothen, leaving the skin well hydrated and smooth.

More Key Takeaways

Takes care of the air so you can enjoy more quality family time and restful sleep in your living space.
Low energy consumption with fan mode 25W per hour for a single unit.
No maintenance required for Nanoe-X generator device.
Leave Nanoe Mode ON to deodorise, inhibit pollutants and remove dust particles (PM2.5). Works even when you’re away.
Asthma and Allergy friendly technology Nanoe-M is approved by Sensitive Choice that helps consumers worldwide live better with asthma and allergies.
Safe and non-chemical particles.  Safety of Nanoe-X has been tested and proven by institutes and laboratories. Visit our website for a list of safety test data.
The Panasonic Comfort Cloud Application enables you to conveniently manage and monitor multiple air conditioning units for homes from just 1 mobile device.

Know more deeply about Panasonic’s Nanoe™ Technology »


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