Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

It’s Ultra For Samsung Galaxy’s S20 Zoom Camera

First off, this communication and entertainment candy bar is now 6.7 inches. Imagine a 7 inches in your palm – why don’t we call it a Palm Pad – TM. It’s second to the Galaxy 4 when in comes to screen real estate.

You think then that this is a Galaxy Note alike thinge – Umm, nope. You will realize, it doesn’t have it’s own S-Pen despite of high semblance with other Galaxy Note phones.

Don’t know why? Maybe because it’s not a Notepad Phone – Get it!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Body

Slick and sexy with it really clean and elegant body build, is as sexy as it’s processing prowess. Dressed in Glass front (Gorilla Glass 6), glass back (Gorilla Glass 6), aluminum frame the phone redeems itself as another go-get-to candy bar for your pocket. I just hope price will agree with you.

Now, the front camera is still visible in front. I know you wish for full-screen full ratio phone. I’m sure engineers are racing towards that breakthrough where you get to hide the front camera slot while maintaining its functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Front Camera

Right at the back is the real McCoy where the camera lenses and sensors are heralded by that ever-triumphant bevel – where almost every phone with high-end camera has.

One selling points of Samsung Galaxy S20 is its Periscopic Telephoto Lens that brags 100X Zoom – to the moon everybody!

This has a whooping 16GB  RAM. My workstation has 16BG or RAM too – I wonder if they share same processing power. I still wonder.

As to its Storage, you can go from 128GB to as much as 512GB. Obviously, if you manufacture a phone like this with elaborate cameras, then it sends you back image payloads of a hundred megabyte  per session then you’d better be storage ready for this space hog unit.

Also, the phone is 5G Network capable. Let’s see how fast 5G is – in frying your phone – and your brains. Controversies against 5G signal is still hot and widely debated.

5,000mAh Batter, how is that for you? I don’t know how that batter will sustain all the added features, specially the camera – where phones usually get hot when taking videos or even photos for a long time.

So, what’s the main take home with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in order for us to say that this phone is NOT “just like any other phone.” You bet – it’s the camera – I guess.

Yeah, it is. Any other?

You see, the cameras boost a 108MP Main camera, 12MP for ultra-wide shots and 48MP telephoto shots. And they still call it a mobile phone – not a DSLR. It can even record video at 8K Resolution setting, and a lot of stuff in between.

But one thing that really bring this phone to it’s summit for now is its telephoto 100x Zoom camera. Try that and you might even suggest they call it a peeping tom camera lens.

Anyway, right below are more info about Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Check that out!

Learn more about Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra »


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