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iPhone SE 2016 vs iPhone SE 2020

No worries, this is just a comely comparison between the two coveted hand pieces brought to you by Apple. Comparison such as this is obvious enough at the outset since we know who’s who is at the edge of functionality and feature supremacy – the late and the latest.

Now, iPhone SE 2020 is basically an iPhone 8 in design and form factor.

That’s basically it!

Only that, iPhone SE 2020 has better upgraded specs as compared to iPhone 8. Just a quick snip of the SE 2020’s internal prowess – iPhone SE has Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, same chip that is welded to iPhone 11 lines. That is a point of departure for some other corollary specs to follow such as improved camera performance, security features, bigger display real estate, larger storage capacity and the likes – but with tamed price tag!

iPhone SE 2016

iPhone SE 2016 Image 1

Even iPhone SE 2016 is seem like ahead of it’s class. It has been released as a separate affordable iPhone line with features and specifications that of iPhone 6 series. Now, iPhone SE 2020 has chipsets that of iPhone 11 lines.

What does that tell you? I don’t know. But as long as the price margin is concerned, you know what’s the obvious and the obvious choice.

iPhone SE 2016 release price is at $400 while iPhone 6 at release is at $750. All with same specs except for the notable design, sizes and screen real estate. So, more than half the price tag with just a little to negligible physical discrepancies.

Your choice.

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 Image 1

More than 4 years ago, Apple is now releasing another instalment of iPhone SE. This time, the specs and features are reminiscent or shall we say verbatimly as that of iPhone 8 and iPhone 11.

Price margin, you bet. iPhone 11 launched at almost $1000 a unit. While iPhone SE 2020 is released at $500. That’s half of the pie of the price – save for the iPhone 11 camera that is at par with the competition.

With iPhone SE 2’s up-to-date specifications ought to guarantee that it has a longer life expectancy than the $449 iPhone 8 model that it’s supplanting in Apple’s lineup, which had an A11 chip from 2017.

iPhone SE 2020 Down the Rabbit Hole

iPhone SE is a reinvention of a Special Edition iPhone line by Apple Inc – so the namesake “SE”. At face value, what makes it special is the lowered price tag with components as concomitant to that of their flagship unit.

Well, unless they have subtlety cut corners to come with such selling price instead.

Here are few of the highlights for iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2020 Camera 2


The processor additionally lets the new iPhone SE increase some new camera highlights. There’s a single 12-megapixel camera focal point on the back adjacent to a flash. Apple says it’s using the A13 Bionic’s chips to improve its Smart HDR photography, which joins different shots into one highly evolved photograph to improve lighting and detail.

The added “Monocular Sensing Technology” which means that it has added and enhanced feature in facial recognition for security and other usability purposes.
Sorry folks, no facials for pet this time yet.

Of course, the video capture image stabilisation is part of the package with 4K video capture at 60fps is another additional hefty package to it. The front-facing camera is now 7-megapixels.

Hmm, why only 7-megapixels? While others are at a whooping 32-megapixels front camera alone and for them it is not the best feature yet.

iPhone SE 2020 Display


Well, display-wise it has Apple’s 4.7-inch IPS LCD Retina display with True Tone color which means it isn’t a problem at all at projecting true color tones as with other flagship phones before it.

In fact this display size is by far, according to Apple is best-selling. It sold like 500 million units at this size. Major reason why they have adopted such screen size, all because of its patronage.


5W charging unit is included in the box. But it can support an 18W charging for a right adaptor. And by the way, iPhone SE 2020 is capable of being charged wirelessly through Qi Wireless Charging unit. It’s is a kind of wireless conductive charging unit.

iPhone SE 2020 Connectivity


We have a bit of modernised features here to cope up with the future influx of wirelessness of some sort. It already supports WiFi 6. What is it. Well, you bet – a better transfer rate and fast connectivity. Tada!

It also supports connectivity to Gigabit LTE and Dual SIMs. A Gigabit LTE enables you to download data at a transfer rate of 1Gigabit per second – that’s around 125 MBPS (Megabyte) per second. Hah! That’s a blu-ray movie in a couple of minutes. But, good luck with that one if you will be at that max.

Also notice that it is now capable of going for a second SIM – through eSIM though. What is eSIM? Well, it stands for embedded SIM. Want to know what it is and how to use it, click here!


Expect that iPhone SE 2020 will be at par with the upcoming updates as well as configurations as it is being welded with a long and coming chipsets. Which means it will stand a long time of updates and support without undermining hardware to software ratio.

iPhone SE 2020 Design


This is my personal take on the design part of this mobile trade. You know Steve Jobs, rights? As well as you might know how his tenacity in designing his brainchild brought him as an internally hated to a loved technocrat artist.

The very last handset Steve did was the iPhone 5. Notice the beautiful metallic and seamless elegant body design. It’s a mouthwatering candy bar. Fortunately enough, same design was adopted on the release of the SE edition up until the 2016 release. And it was brilliant!

The rest for the iPhone designs, much to my regret, are the designs I called “just like any other phone.” In fact, you’d be very hard-pressed to tell who’s who among these competing phone arrays. You would hardly recognize iPhone from Samsung as well as from Huawei Phones. And as well from other phones such as Xiomi, Oppo, Vivo and the likes.

The very last brainchild of Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5/SE design is one of a kind design that you can pinpoint among others even with your eyes closed.

Here, feast yourself to the supposed design of iPhone SE from several well-meaning artists:

Quick Comparison

iPhone SE Specifics SVG 2
Click image to enlarge

You can learn more about iPhone SE 2020 »


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