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How To Renew Your Driver’s License?

Note: This motor vehicle licensing procedures are localized for Philippine transport system only. Other countries might have their own licensing procedures, so proceed with caution in some informations.

Before driving any motor vehicle, take note to heart that driving is NOT a RIGHT but a PRIVILEGE. Do not get too entitled just because you are paying road users tax or any taxes whatsoever. Remember that others are doing too.

This mandate by the Philippines Government is based on Republic Act #4136 and Batas Pambansa Bilang 398, and is done through the Land Transportation Office or LTO.

Driver’s Licenses are valid for three (3) years or as amended. It expires on the third birth date of the applicant, commencing from the date of issuance.

Requirements (Driver’s License Renewal)

How To Renew Your Driver's License Image
» Duly-accomplished Application Form.
» Current/ Expired Driver’s License.
» Medical Certificate with Official Receipt (from LTO accredited or Government Physician).
» Negative Drug Test result (from DOH-accredited drug testing center).
To renew a delinquent Driver’s License -expired for two (2) to ten ( 1 0) years -the applicant needs to re-take and
pass the written and practical examinations.

Note: Additional Requirements for Filipino / Foreigners with Valid or Expired Foreign License (“Continuity”) :
» Original and photocopy of Foreign License.
» Translation of license from Embassy/ Consular Office (if license is not written in English).
» Original and photocopy of valid Visa / Passport (Foreigners).
» A Foreign License is not acceptable for conversion into Philippine Driver ‘s License if:
   • The Foreign License is not written in English.
    The country of origin of the license holder does not have an Embassy in the Philippines.

Note: “Continuity” defined: Philippine Driver’s License holders who have a Foreign License may renew their licenses without shouldering any Delinquent License penalty fees.

Note: For Filipinos living abroad:
» Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa page and departure from the Philippines and last arrival overseas).
» Letter of Authority (LOA) for authorized representative.
» Photocopy of Driver’s License and Driver’s License Receipt (DLR), if available.

Facts and figures herein may change without notice since laws governing licensing are subject to amendments as deemed needed by circumstances.
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To learn more please visit LTO Website.


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