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Full Page Screengrab Chrome Extension

Today, let me introduce to you one the simplest but very useful web tools you can ever use.

Have you ever wanted to save a screen capture of a web page, only to find out that it has only captured part of the page that is visible to the browser ? – how about the ones left at the bottom. Either way, what you’ll do is do several screen captures of the whole web page and maybe seam them on together.

Well, not now.

This software or Google Chrome Extension has been with us for a long time. Till I need to capture my portfolio website, that I tried gleaning the Chrome extensions came across this cute tiny screen capturing extension.

Ful lPage Peter Cole

This cute drop of software was developed by Peter Coles – a software engineer that hails from New York City. He graduated with degree in computer science at MIT in 2007.

You can learn more about Peter Coles here.

Perter simply called his genius as Full Page Screen Capture. It captures the whole page of a website a will. After installation, a cute camera icon will appear at the upper right hand corner of the Chrome browser. Click it and consider everything as done. It will capture every visible area of your within the browser limit. Clean the easy. It doesn’t include tabs and sliders – just the page from headers to footers.

Screengrab Samples

For more info kindly visit Full Page Screen Capture.


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