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Before driving any motor vehicle, take note to heart that driving is NOT a RIGHT but a PRIVILEGE. Do not get too entitled just because you are paying road users tax or any taxes whatsoever. Remember that others are doing too.

This mandate by the Philippines Government is based on Republic Act #4136 and Batas Pambansa Bilang 398, and is done through the Land Transportation Office or LTO.

This Driver’s License Pre-Qualifying Exam is brought to you by:

Republic of the Philippines
Ministry of Transportation and Communication
Land Transportation Office
East Avenue, Quezon City

Published hereunder are questions and answers on driving test for the information of all concerned. Those applying for a student permit must have a score of at least 20 correct answers for a set of 25 questions for non-professional, 35 out of 40 and for professionals, 50 out of 60. Any one of the 165 questionnaire below may appear in any Set of Questionaire prepared by LTO.

Note: The following questionnaire, answers and reviewer, though concomitant of the actual exam, may not guarantee a verbatimly and chronological correct items as listed. Items and entries herein may have been updated, altered or scrambled as deemed needed by the examiner or authority. Due diligence is needed.

Answers are in highlighted letters.

Drunk Driving

111. What document must you always carry along with you whenever you drive a motor vehicle?
A. Driver’s license and insurance policy
B. Insurance policy
C. Driver’s license, certificate of registration and current official receipt of payment of motor vehicle

112. The Director of the LTO may suspend/revoke a driver’s license when
A. The driver operated a motor vehicle as an accessory in the commission of any crime
B. The holder has been convicted for three violations of the land transportation laws within a 12-month period
C. Both of the above

113. A driver caught operating with an expired license is penalized by
A. A fine of P50.00 and suspension for one month
B. A fine o f P 100.00
C. A fine of P50.00

114. A driver caught operating an unregistered motor vehicle is penalized by
A. Fine of P300.00
B. Suspension of his driver’s license for one month
C. A fine of P300.00 and suspension of his driver’s license

115. What must a driver do in case his license gets lost?
A. Apply for another new license
B. Execute an affidavit of loss and apply for a duplicate license
C. Apply for a duplicate license from the CHPG

116. The license of a driver who has been convicted for at least three times within a 12 months period may be revoked or suspended by the Director for
A. Period not exceeding two years
B. Three years
C. Lifetime

117. Driving a vehicle while under the influence of liquor or any prohibited drug is not only dangerous but also punishable under the law by
A. A fine ranging from a minimum of P200.00 to a maximum of P500.00 and/or imprisonment
B. Imprisonment of six months
C. Suspension of license for one-month

118. The hostile and arrogant attitude of a driver towards a person in the authority or passenger in a public utility vehicle is punishable by
A. Fine of P500.00
B. Imprisonment of six months
C. Suspension of license for one month

Talk to passenger

119. Driving with fast and/or tampered taximeter is punishable by
A. Fine of P2,000.00 and cancellation of the BOT franchise
B. Suspension of the operation of- the motor vehicle
C. Revocation of the driver’s license

120. Before a private motor vehicle owner can apply for a BOT franchise the motor vehicle must be registered with the
A. Constabulary Highway Patrol Group
B. Philippine Motors Association
C. Land Transportation Office

121. Public Service Law prohibits public utility driver to talk to his passengers while the vehicle is
A. Parked
B. Climbing the mountain
C. In motion

122. What traffic violation have you committed if you pick passengers on prohibited zones?
A. Discourtesy to motorist
B. Reckless driving
C. Obstructing the free flow of traffic

123. Operating a public utility vehicle equipped with stereo music is punishable by
A. Minimum fine of 100.00 and suspension of license for/one month
B. Revocation of the license and registration certificate
C. Imprisonment of the driver and operator for six months

124. Public utility motor vehicle plates are colored
A. Yellow background with black numerals
B. White background with green numerals
C. White background with red numerals

125. A red flag or red light must be attached to any load that extends over
A. One meter to the rear–end of the vehicle
B. Two meters to the rear-end of the vehicle
C. Three-meters to the rear-end of the vehicle

126. The correct apprenticeship period for an applicant to a professional driver’s license is
A. Five months and above
B. Two months
C. One month

Road Crash Accident

127. A driver with Restriction Code No. 1 in his license is allowed to drive
A. Motorcycle only
B. Truck
C. Cars

128. The motor vehicle plates and driver’s license may be confiscated by any authorized LTO agent when the vehicle being operated is found to be
A. Unsafe, unsightly and dilapidated
B. Color of the vehicle is not approved by LTO
C. Energy wasteful

129. When a vehicle is stalled or disabled, the driver must park the vehicle on the shoulder of the road and
A. Switch on the parking light
B. Install the early warning device
C. Switch on the parking light and install the Early Warning Device to the front and rear of the motor vehicle.

130. The owner of a privately registered vehicle who owns his motor vehicle to be utilized for hire in the carriage on cargoes and passengers is penalized for
A. Fine of 500.00 and confiscation of motor vehicle plates
B. A fine of P500.00
C. Confiscation of motor vehicle plates

131. The Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) authorizes the driver to operate a motor vehicle for a period not exceeding
A. 72-hours from time and date of issue
B. One-week
C. 15 days

132. A motor vehicle means any vehicle which
A. Is propelled by any power and other than muscular using the public highways
B. Runs only on rails or traffics
C. Is propelled by muscular power such as bicycle and carts

133. Who is a professional driver?
A. Any driver hired or paid for operating a motor vehicle whether for private use or for hire to the pubic
B. An expert and experienced driver
C. One who is not apprehended ‘for any traffic violation

134. When a vehicle starts to skid, what should the driver do?
A. Step immediately on the brakes
B. Hold firmly at the steering wheel, slowing down the vehicle
C. Turn the wheels opposite the direction of the skid

135. Which of the following are not considered “highways”?
A. Public park, alley and callejon
B. Roadway upon ground owned by private persons or universities
C. Driveway, avenue and boulevard

Road Sign

Road ends
B. Crossroads
C. Road goes left or right

A. You must give right-of-way
B. You have the right-of-way
C. Early warning Device 

No right tum permitted
B. No left-tum permitted
C. You must not make a U-Turn


A. Stop only if other vehicles are approaching
B. Stop sign 150 meters ahead
C. Full stop at intersection and go when clear


A. Left turn only
B. One way to left
C. Exit to left


A. No overtaking
B. No parking
C. Bus stop


A. Indicate that you must not pass
B. No entry of any motor vehicle
C. No parking


A. Motor vehicle cannot load passengers
B. Motor vehicle cannot unload passengers
C. Motor vehicles cannot load/unload passengers


A. No entry to all types of vehicles
B. Full stop
C. Dead-end street ahead


A. School zone sign
B. Pedestrian crossing
C. Playground


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