How to Block Windows App from Connecting to the Internet


In today’s digitally connected world, controlling which applications on your Windows system can access the internet has become increasingly important. Whether you want to pause app updates, block intrusive ads, prevent unintentional purchases, or simply enhance your privacy, knowing how to effectively block Windows apps from connecting to the internet can be a valuable skill. […]

What The Hell Is Internet Protocols, Packets & Addresses?


The data transmitted over the Internet must be set up to follow certain rules so that all the computers on the network can understand it. When you connect to your ISP’s POP Location, the two entities go through a process called handshaking, whereby the fastest-available transmission speed is established. Then authentication occurs: your ISP needs to know you arc who you say you are, so you need lo provide a username and a password. These two items will have been established when you opened your account with your ISP.

Ethics Of Ethical Hacking


In a one fell swoop of your mental faculty upon reading the title, if you do, is actually a contradiction of terms. Per se hacking itself is a crime. But there’s way more to take it to the surface and give it an ethical color, that is – Ethical Hacking.

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