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40 Home Based Business Ideas Online Buy and Sell

31.) Online Buy and Sell

Sell anything from clothes and accessories, perfume and toys, to establish a credible and efficient electronic paying system.

Small Business Trend has suggestion for you to learn from before you pull up your sleeves. You may shop or join these Top Online Store in the Philippines.

Shopify here for the ABC of putting up your own independent online store.

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Video Editing

32.) Freelance Video Editing

Shoot and edit videos for company reports and presentations, school projects, or weddings and debuts. Your video camera, computer, editing software will eat up most of your capital. Consider renting studio equipment when starting, to cut your initial expenses.

Lynda.com has really nice materials and courses when it comes to video editing. You might want to check it out. And don’t want to miss the Top Online Platform to look for online clients for video editing.

Startup costs: PHP100,000 – PHP200,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Pest Control

33.) Pest Control

Provide pest control services to residences and office buildings. Find a niche by using organic and non-toxic chemicals.

Here are few simple tips to ward away pest from Pest World. Check out there website for more information. If you can go with organic chemical works for your business, learn the Benefits of Organic Pest Control materials. Composting is also very well discussed at Happy DIY Home – check that out!

Startup costs: PHP100,000 – PHP150,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Handbag Repairs

34.) Handbag Design & Repair

Design and manufacture your own handbags, purses, or clutches using different materials. Focus on craftsmanship and quality of materials. Accept repairs as well.

To begin with, check out this Handbag Design Tips from WikiHow.

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Copywriting

35.) Copywriting

Write press release, product descriptions, or event reports for PR companies and big corporations.

Here are few Copywriting Tips you might want to check before you venture out. Couple those tips with this one from WrittenT. And lastly, the Top Online Platform to sign-up for Copywriting gigs.

Startup costs: PHP20,000 – PHP100,000

36.) Mobile Bar

A bulk of your capital will go to your alcohol inventory and logistics requirements. Incorporate fun drinking games and contests to make it more appealing.

Visit Mixed Mobile Bar Philippines and get oriented with there packages, promos, add-ons etc…

Here are few tips on Mobile Bar Tending. Check this out.

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Delivery-Only

37.) Delivery-Only Food Services

Your main hurdle will be logistics. Prepare and package meals at home and deliver them to a specific area. Create a menu that has a theme, is quick to cook, and travels well.

Valuable tips from Business Opportunities to boot up your delivery service. Also, check this Food Delivery fun facts from Lifehacker.

Startup costs: PHP200,000 – PHP300,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Organic Farming

38.) Organic Farming

Your main hurdle will be logistics. Take advantage of the growing organic food trend and grow organic fruits and vegetables. Create your own compost to save from fertilizer and pesticide costs with lesser carbon footprint.

Here are few notes on How to do Organic Farming as well as How to do your own Composting

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Courier Service

39.) Courier Services

Deliver documents, letters, or small items to offices and residential areas. Go green by using bicycles. But, as you may want to deliver bulk goods, then you may want to take these Tips On Starting Courier Service on your own.

Startup costs: PHP100,000-PHP200,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Tour Guide

40.) Community Tour Guide

Coordinate with your city’s tourism arm to become an accredited tour guide. Provide walking tours, food tours, or entertainment tours to locals and foreigners. Here are handfuls of Tour Guide Tips for aspiring tour guide people.

Startup costs: PHP20,000 -P50,000


AirTasker Head Image

41.) AirTasker

The best place for people and businesses to outsource tasks.

Start by telling us about your task. Mention when and where (in person or online) you need it done, then suggest a fair budget for the task. Post any task you need from cleaning to web design in only two minutes – for free! There’s no obligation to hire.

Learn More About: AirTasker, AirTasker Jobs.

42.) The Simple Dollar

Getting Jobs, Getting Paid and Getting Ahead.

Freelancers, listen up. How many of you know how to legally establish a business, set a fair rate for yourself, get your taxes right and invest smartly in a retirement plan? The world is quickly shifting to a “gig economy,” which means more and more people are freelancing every year. But there’s a lot to know about running a one-person business, and all kinds of risks if it isn’t done right.

Learn More About: The Simple Dollar, Ultimate Freelancer’s Guide.


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