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40 Home Based Business Ideas Herb Gardening

21.) Herb Gardening

Supply various herbs and greens to local restaurant, hotels, homes, and even supermarkets. Make sure though to observe the required farming practices if you are going to claim that your products are organic.

Of course you wanna how it done, Agrea Farming wants to tell you something. And if you want to see someone done it ahead of what you are about to start, try a sneak peek at Down To Earth and see how they’ve done it. 

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Landscaping

22.) Landscaping

A bulk of your capital will go to industrial-grade equipment like lawnmowers, garden sheers, rakes and shovels, service residential areas, office facades, or a community gardens.

Learn from Country Living for their budget-friendly landscaping tips. Here in the Philippines, try this Top Landscaping Contractors and see if they can be of a hand to you.

Startup costs: PHP300,000 – PHP500,000

23.) Errand Services

Manpower will be your most important asset here, and timing will be your selling point. Invest in training, logistics, and transportation.

Visit BusinessCoach for a quick but worthwhile education on logistics. While  My Kuya is an Up and running errand service here in the Philippines. Check them out.

Startup costs: PHP500,000 – PHP700,000

24.) Online Boutique

Design and manufacture your own clothing line and set up shop online. You can choose to start on a free-hosting website or create your own domain name.

Starting an online boutique, no problem. Take it from BPlans on Your Guide to Opening a Crazy-Successful Online Boutique.

You must be already aware of the some online boutique/e-commerce site who made it big in the industry – Zalora, Bershka, Mango Philippines, GoBuy Philippines, Kily Philippines and more. Go, and check them out.

Startup costs: PHP100,000 – 500,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Bazaar

25.) Bazaar Organizer

Much of your effort will be dedicated to finding tenants, coordinating with them, and organizing the areas. Invest in marketing efforts to draw them in.

How to organize a bazaar? Easy breezy, check out what DMCI Homes has to say.

Startup costs: PHP20,000 – PHP50,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Online Bakery

26.) Online Bakery

Using the baking and cooking equipment you already have at home gives you the chance to place your money elsewhere: Marketing and Ingredients.

The Balance Small Business has something to tell you in making baked goods and selling them from home. And Yumpals, has already made it and has been doing it. You might wish to emulate.

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Freelance Writer

27.) Freelance Writer

Write to the editors of different publications (print and/or online) expressing your intention to write for them. Provide some sample stories as well. Elna Cain has 7 Tips for New Freelance Writers. Meanwhile, here are 10 Online Writing Treasure Chest for you. Try this ventures and see for yourself.

Startup costs: PHP5,000 – PHP10,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Flower Arranger

28.) Flower Arranger

Create arrangements not just for events or parties but also for residences, offices, and hotels. Look for flower suppliers and build your own arrangement space at home.

Your Tips and Tricks for easy flower arrangement at HGTV. Check it out.

Startup costs: PHP20,000 – PHP50,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Emcee

29.) Professional EMCEE

People with good communication and public speaking skills can learn to host events such as parties, weddings, company events, and seminars. Networking to look for clients is key.

Now Lester Leo is a pro. He’s trying to give you  some quote on how to do it the way the pros walked and talked about How to be the Best Emcee that you can be.

Startup costs: PHP20,000 – PHP30,000

40 Home Based Business Ideas Dressmaking Alteration

30.) Tailoring and Alteration

Be the place of choice for custom-made clothes and alterations. Industrial sewing machines and a wide selection of fabrics will be essential. That is why Sew Guide is giving you a quick tips on how to start your home-based dressmaking gig. Check that out.

Startup costs: PHP50,000 – PHP100,000


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